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Me nephew is in hospital and requires your pray. Please dua for him.

Prayer Requested By: Nephew

Please dua for me so that I can recover from my loss in business.

Prayer Requested By: Raza Shah

Need pray for my job. I have lost my job and looking for a new one.

Prayer Requested By: Zee

Please dua for my faith. I am suffering from different types of bad signals from shetan.

Prayer Requested By: Zulekha

I request my muslims brothers and sisters for pray. I am not well in these days.

Prayer Requested By: Ayyan Ali

O Allah have mercy on me and my family.

Prayer Requested By: Iqbal

i believe in Allah. Please join my pray to strengthen our Iman.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester

I am looking for job in Toronto, Canada. Please pray for me. I will keep you all in my duas too.

Prayer Requested By: Adeela

My friend is suffering from lungs cancer disease. Please Muslims brothers and sisters, pray for him.

Prayer Requested By: Riaz Ahmed

O Allah, Have mercy on me. I need your help. Guide me.

Prayer Requested By: Bilal