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Hand Slaughtered & Machine Slaughtered Halal Meat Difference

Living in the North America, you may have visited a lot of restaurants and have seen the certificates of halal meat offered at those locations. In this article we will discuss about what is halal meat, its two most popular terms used in USA and Canada i.e hand slaughtered halal meat or machine cut halal meat.

The question about this difference arised in my mind when I visited a halal Popeye fast food restaurant. I used to visit that restaurant once or twice a month. The Muslim guy who used to take my order told me that from now on, our restaurant is offering only machine slaughtered Halal chicken not Hand slaughtered. from that day I only ordered the fish sandwich at that store.

The major difference in not in the taste of the meat,  but is the way the animal is slaughtered.

The hand slaughtered meat (mutton, beef, chicken) meaning, Zabiha is performed by a Muslim on the animal by the prescribed way of Islamic shariah.

In the machine slaughtered way, I have not seen it by my own eyes but have come to know that the takbeer is performed by tape or other source of audio and machines are used to hold and slaughter animals.

I always prefer to eat only hand slaughtered chicken, hand slaughtered beef, and hand slaughtered mutton. 

If you are going to buy halal meat or having lunch or dinner in any restaurant , don't forget to ask about only hand slaughtered halal meat.

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